The Other 3 (part 2: The Final Boss)

Hey Everyone,

Welcome back. When we left off I was discussing the other boss arenas I worked on for The Grand Master. I left on a bit of a cliffhanger because this last one is pretty special. I’m going to show you guys the final boss level in The Grand Master.

As I discussed in my last blog post, all of the environments started out as blockouts in Unreal Engine, created by Riley Bufton. I’m very appreciative of Riley’s work as it made the process of making these environments very streamlined.

As you now know there are 2 boss types in The Grand Master. There are the wurms and the trolls. Initially we had thoughts of creating a 3rd boss type to serve as the Final Boss in the game, however due to time restrictions we belived it would be in our best interest to make sure that the wurm and troll bosses were as polished as they could be instead of trying to rush another boss into the game at the detriment to all of them. So, what could we do to make an epic encounter? Well why not fight both, at the same time! Truly Epic!!

The idea for the final boss environment is that it is on a peninsula of the mainland near Yhomstad. The troll is front and center, while the wurm skirts around the sides of the island ‘swimming’ from position to position. This is a particularly challenging level as the wurm shoots out spikes everyime it moves and it moves quite frequently while the troll hunts the player down. This gives the palyer an extreme sence of urgency as they mus be moving constantly.

Here is the blockout I was given from Riley:

HighresScreenshot00004.png(Blockout by: Riley Bufton)

i felt that it was a little barren on the sides so in my version I used some of my previously created rocks to form cliffs. I also found a cool way to make a low poly, moving water, material in unreal. Furthermore I added a lot more trees behind the player. I wanted the player to feel like the Grand Master had to travel a fair distance to encounter these two monsters. I also added a lot of skulls to the environment to make the encounter feel more dangerous (and I like skulls).


This environment was by far my favorite to make. I made a lot of props for this environment and had a lot of fun laying them out. I really like skulls and making these stylized little dudes was a ton of fun. I also feel that the vast forest backing the Grand Master adds a lot to the scene.

Working on The Grand Master was a lot of fun and I am happy with the sheer volume of environments that I was able to produce in just 1 semester (January 2017-April 2017). Thank you so much for reading about my production cycle. I intend to continue to update this blog with personal projects in the future.

Thank you again,

~ Ben Hiller


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