The Wurm Pit

So, aside from the Grandmaster’s shop, I’ve been working on the boss arena environments, starting with an update on the Wurm Pit. The Grandmaster is going to have a series of boss fights and each boss will have an environment tailored to them. The first boss in the game is a giant Ice Wurm.

The level design for the wurm environments is a fairly large open space. We decided that a frozen over canyon would be a really cool environment for the ice wurm (pun intended). I proposed the concept that their used to be a race of giants that inhabited the world and that they left behind relics and mysterious runes and carvings. I liked the eerie tones that this would add to the environment and add more visual interest as well. I took inspiration from Michael Bierek’s Glacial Chasm:

And the artwork of Eytan Zana:
I really like the orange color and blue color palettes as they add a strange combination of warmth and cold. So I went about creating the wurm pit.


I started by taking the base level layout from unreal and building up the walls in layers to get a more canyon aesthetic.


Next I extruded some of the faces to add more variance to the canyon design.


After that, I completed the ring and added a ‘cave’ entrance. I added this to explain how the Grandmaster was able to enter the arena.


Then I added some overhangs and a mysterious ring cut out in the cliff side. My idea behind the cut out is that the Giants were obsessed with perfect geometric shapes. Wherever they went they would leave perfectly cut out circles, though no one knows how they were able to do this. I also thought it looked cool.


Next I added waterfalls of ice. (Current Materials are all placeholder). The Final versions will be vertex painted and will look more frozen over.


And here is how it all comes together in engine. highresscreenshot00000highresscreenshot00001highresscreenshot00002highresscreenshot00003

Please keep in mind all artwork here is not complete and will be updated as production continues. Having the layout in engine allows for ease of workflow and a far greater understanding of scale. I look forward to showing you how this all comes together in future weeks.

Thanks again for reading.

Ben Hiller


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