Shop Interior Part 2

Continuing the process of building up the shop interior. I modeled some shelves, books, and spears. I was trying to fill up the environment with items that the Grandmaster would sell.


As you can see, filling up the shop with equipment makes it feel more feasible as an environment. The next step after finishing up the modeling was to add materials. For The Grandmaster, we are using vertex colors and flat materials, so I started by adding materials in Maya.


I made a couple different wood materials, and iron, a painted wood, an apple and two fire materials. The material colors in Maya weren’t quite right, but the materials can be adjusted in Unreal later so it did not have to be perfect at this stage.

Next I set everything up in Unreal Engine 4 and did a couple passes at lighting. I still am not satisfied with the lighting but it’s getting there.


I’m pretty happy with the look of this. I definitely think lighting needs another pass, and I’d like to get an animation on the fire, but for now it’s working well in the game.

Thanks for reading,

Ben Hiller


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