Shop Interior Part 1

Hi Everyone,

Sorry for the late post. I’ll start off by catching you all up on what I’ve been working on for The Grandmaster. I spent the week of February 12th – 18th working on the Grandmaster’s shop. Here are some images that show the process of building up the shop.

These are from earlier in the week. As you can see the walls and ceiling were added. We are not using normal maps in our game so these pieces were modeled to look as though they were individual wooden boards.

Later in the week I continued working on the shop by adding in necessary props such as the Grandmaster’s table, some crates, the door and doorway, fruit, a counting tool, and some shields and trophies for the walls.

I pushed hard to get all of the modeling for the shop done last week. I wanted it to have a solid design and sound sense of style. I wanted it to feel like a viking longhouse. I will cover the additions that I made this week in a separate post.

Thanks for reading,

Ben Hiller


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