Development Continues and Art Department Organizes

This week in development on The Grandmaster, I worked on environments and putting together a development schedule. Until this point I had felt disorganized and a little lost while working on The Grandmaster. I didn’t really know which assets were top priority over others. So I am very happy to say that we have put together a complete Art Schedule for the Grandmaster. Here is a picture of the assets that I am responsible for and when they are expected to be complete: bhillerschedule

(Note: the reason for the lack of description for the props is because they are fairly straight forward i.e. an iron shield is an iron shield an apple is an apple).

Before getting this schedule together this week, I had been working on modular environment pieces with the intent that it would make creating the boss arenas easier to build. However, after discussing this with our design lead John, we determined it would be easier to make the environments unique and that making the modular assets might not be the most efficient use of time. The assets so far created will still be used for the wurm boss arena. The reason we determined that making modular kits would be inefficient is because the 3 boss environments are supposed to look very unique ( a wurm pit in a desert tundra, a troll attacking the main character’s town, and a swampy foresty area where the player is attacked by an elf) and thus going about making 3 modular kits would be less efficient than simply making the 3 environments. The rock wall assets created thus far will still be useful in creating the wurm boss arena. Here they are:


Currently I am now working on creating the store environment where the player will spend most of their time. I asked Aaron, our lead artist what the major issues he found with the current asset and he said that he liked the overal aesthetics, but the mesh itself is really inefficient and has bad uvs. I started rebuilding the storefront using viking homesteads as reference. I have been building it up similarly to how it would be built in real life. Starting with the framework, then adding in the side panelling, then the ceilings, and then adding furniture. So far I have constructed the main framework for the building. I want it to look as though it were put together using seperate pieces of wood (as it would be in reality). Here is the base building structure:


As you can see in the second image, I really wanted the wood planks to feel like they were cut to fit into one another. So I beveled the edges and built them almost like lincoln logs.

This week I plan to finish the store environment by the end of the day on Wednessday.

Thank you for reading.

Ben Hiller


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