Development Continues

This week I was not as productive as I would have liked to be. I did some more concept painting for the environments in the Grandmaster and I am moving forward with the Grandmaster’s weapon.

As far as environment goes, I was inspired by my lead artist, Aaron Higgins’s concept that the world of the Grandmaster used to be inhabited by giants who have a mysterious past. I decided to try to bring that theme into my environment sketches. Bellow is my second series of concept thumbnails for the Grandmaster:


I liked the idea of remnants of these giants being left in the environment and being visible to the player in the boss battle arenas. I also came up with the idea that the giants left mysterious perfectly carved circles in rocks for mysterious reasons. I thought this would give the environment a cool and eerie look that intrigues the player to dig into the lore of the game. (I also really like floating rocks).

My next series of concept thumbnails was a little less inspired in my opinion. I played around with some color palettes but for the most part I do not think they are as intriguing as the sketches above.


Out of these sketches I like the one on the far right the most. (As I said I really like floating rocks). I think the giant runes in the side of the mountain are interesting and make the player question what could have left those markings there. The bottom two are just generic desert and are not very inspired or visually interesting. The top right sketch was an experiment with trying a zany color palette and the results were bland. I do like the canyon concept on the top middle, but it does little more than establish a dry rocky canyon.

Lastly I have a couple of screen shots of the Grandmaster’s hand cannon weapon. I do not feel that it is complete but it’s in a testable spot and I can move on to modeling the environment which is more important at this stage in development.

I am currently working on making a modular asset list based off of the environment sketches so that the designers can put together the boss arenas to be any shape or size they desire.

Thanks for reading.



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