The Grandmaster Week 1

Hello Everyone,

As you all know from my last post I am now working on The Grandmaster, a merchant style / boss fighter game.

I am very excited to be working with my new team as an environment and prop artist. I am expecially excited to be making the boss arenas and weapons. I spent this first week working on the main character’s weapon. Our lead artist concepted the weapon last semester and it has a very unique and beautiful design. The concept behind the weapon is it is a mix between a Chinese Hand Cannon and a polearm type slashing weapon. The idea is that the main character, The Grandmaster, is such a phenominal fighter that he can use this weapon while fighting at melee range, using the cannon to emphasize his slashing blows with explosive blasts.

Here is my current progress on “The GrandWeapon”:

I have also begun to concept some of the boss arenas. The art direction for the environment is frozen desert, which is an interesting paradox, as deserts tend to be dry and hot and frozen tends to mean wet and very cold. However I found some beautiful references that I have been drawing inspiration from. I love the bright, punchy orange and cool cyan and white color palette.



Here is a quick group of concept sketches I did for boss arenas. I definitely need to do more concepting, but I really like the color palette and mixing ice and snow with orange rocks. When sketching I tried to think of why the character would be stuck in an ‘arena’ like area and focused on making rock walls and canyons. I like the idea of a giant canyon with a frozen lake surrounding it and having frozen waterfalls cascading down the sides of the arena.


I am very excited to continue working on The Grandmaster and to make the frozen desert landscapes and unique weapons a reality.

Thank you for reading,

Ben Hiller


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