Now the “Not so Good” News

Hey All,

So my last blog post covered some really positive events involving my capstone team, but now I’d like to take a minute to reflect on the project as a whole and the end of “The Fog.”

We have come to the decision that we do not want to present “The Fog” at Winter Showcase (the event were teams present their games with the goal of pushing their game into second semester). We have a lot of reasons for deciding to not go forward with “The Fog,” and I would like to discuss those decisions with you now.

The most striking issue was our designer lost interest in the project about a month or so ago. This was very difficult for the team to deal with as our designer is a good friend of mine and he was dealing with a lot of rough, personal stuff at the time. However, his lack of interest in the project effected his work, but more importantly it effected our team morale. As he seemingly got more and more depressed, the team fell more and more apart. We came to a decision as a team that if we moved on to next semester it would be best for all of us to trade our designer to another team, that way he would be able to work on a game he was much more passionate about, and we could continue work on “The Fog.” While I was happy this option was available to us, I knew it would be a red flag at Winter Showcase if we told the faculty (whose votes decide which teams go forward) that we would need a new lead designer if we went forward.

Another important team dynamic issue that made the majority of our team not want to go forward was we had some issues with our producer. We made our team last year without a producer and over the summer we did some team bonding and discussions, we talked semi-regularly at the beginning and end of the summer break, where we brainstormed ideas and got to know one another better. During the first day of class a producer was added to our team. At first this seemed great, we had already done a decent job managing ourselves and we thought that adding a producer to the team would help us to stay on task and make our team even stronger. However, I don’t think we really jived well, he didn’t really like the game concepts we had discussed over the summer and was not very involved in discussions about our game. He just overall seemed uninterested in our game. He did a great job managing our wiki and keeping our files in order, but I felt I did more as far as holding the team together and making sure people were working on their tasks.

A couple of weeks ago our programmer, second artist, and myself were working in the labs alone and we came to the realisation that we were really the only members of the team who were actively working to get our game ready for Winter Showcase. We believed that we could present and we tried very hard, but about a week ago we came to the conclusion that even if we presented and moved on to next semester none of us would want to keep working on the game. Our spirits were pretty broken, and I would be lying if I said I wasn’t disappointed in myself for not taking lead when leadership was needed.

So, what does this mean for me?

How Winter Showcase works is each team that wishes to and has met the requirements presents their game to the senior class and faculty, then the following day the faculty gets to test each game and then they vote on the ones they think will be most successful moving forward. The faculty send out an email to all seniors detailing which games went forward. Then, we students have about a week to meet with the remaining teams and figure out where we will best fit in. Lastly the teams draft the remaining students onto their teams. I am looking forward to seeing which teams present at Winter Showcase and figuring out where I will best fit. I am excited to join a new team and put my best work forward next semester.

It’s been a wild ride, lots of ups and downs.

Thank you for Reading


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