Good News First

Hey Everyone,

Lets start with some good news. Our capstone team is now in Proof of Concepts, the last stage before Vertical Slice. It’s been a real struggle and I am happy that we made it this far. Let’s start with some art updates:

As I mentioned in my last post, we have nailed down the artistic direction of the fog as low poly, hard edged, and flat color. The art department has stuck with that direction as it allows us to more quickly create models that feel good together, and that fit the tone of the world. When we last left off I showed you all some pictures of my character Walt and my itterative process of creating him. So, let’s start with some updates on Walt.

This is the final mesh for Walt, I’ll get into color itterations in a moment, but first thing’s first, I spent a lot of time creating a rig for Walt, this was my first time making a rig for a humanoid character. He has ik legs which allow for fluid leg movements. The rig has issues, but I am happy with what I have created, given it’s the second rig I have ever created, and my first human rig.

Now for color:


All of the above images were taken in engine. The top images are the current Walt coloration in our level, the bottom images was the final color choice and will be added to our level soon.

The second most important iteration on art this week comes in the form of the level. Our designer layed out the level using the landscape tool in Unreal Engine 4. This allowed for quick development of the main level, however the look of the landscape tool was soft and ‘blobby,’ which didn’t fit our art dierection. So, I exported our designer’s level out of Unreal as an fbx. I then used Maya’s mesh reduce tool. This allowed for 2 things. 1) it significantly lowered the poly count, and 2) it further added to our low poly appearance. I then hardened the edges achieving our desired look. Currently I am using UE4 to vertex paint the landscape to allow it to look like different materials on the island (i.e. grass, rock, dirt, sand).

The first image is the direct import of the landscape tool. The second is the reduced and hardened edge version. The last has some deleted geometry to improve the efficiency of the model.

See you all next time.

Thanks for reading.


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