Art Style Iteration

As you all know by now, it has taken a long time for me and Connor to develop an art style for The Fog.The Fog is quite asset heavy, and we were very aware that a hyper realistic style would cause a lot of problems in scope and time, so we knew that we need to stylize in some way.

Problems arose because we did not define “stylized” and for a very long time just used the term as a blanket statement to lower scope. This held us back for a long time as we kept working on assets without a cohesive style in mind. A couple weeks ago our team came to the consensus that we needed to begin character assets. This was one of the best decisions we have made as a team, because during the iterative process of designing characters we started to define “stylized.” We wanted to keep everything low poly and as you saw in my previous post:


I played around with low poly and higher poly character faces. In the end the team really liked what I did with low polys with hard edges. Connor and I also decided that using flat colors would be a good way to push the style while also cutting down scope.

So without further ado, here is my most current model of Walt for The Fog:


The team liked the low poly style and the muted colors (This is by no means the final color scheme for the character). I have been asking people for feedback on this character and so far the best critique I have received is, “I notice that you have both quads and tris in this style, I would recommend going either all tris or all quads.”

This critique was incredibly helpful and I plan to iterate on it before my team’s next challenge.

Other assets I have created are as follows:

A land-marker tree that the player will have to use as reference for navigating the environment. I think this asset will be improved by converting all the quads into tris to add more visual variance. I also believe the top leaves section is too high poly, which will not be difficult to fix.


A clip board that will function as the player’s UI (our team’s designer made the texture on the paper pad). This asset has a higher level of detail as it will be very close to the player at all times. 


The style is a lot of fun to work with and I am beginning to get better at it.


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