The Semester Thus Far Part 1(a summary of initial concepts)

Hey All,

Sorry for the long wait. It’s been far too long since my last post and I have a whole lot of news. In my last entry I discussed our top 4 games: Sword Kid, The Fog, Road Trip, and Rogue-Light.

Initially it seemed that we were going to go forward with Sword Kid as the concept was charming and showed a lot of promise. We all liked the characters and the story we had been working on, however we determined it was too much of a programming risk and decided to shelf the project.

This left us with The Fog, Road Trip, and Rogue-Light. At this stage all three games went through some changes.

Rogue-Light took on a new aesthetic in the form of Egyptian inspiration. Originally a dungeon crawler style game with the players controlling a Judaeo-Christian style monk and paladin, we felt the game was cliche and needed something new. The spark that gave new life to Rogue-Light was inspired my Egyptian mythology. In this mythos, upon death a person is taken to Osiris, the god of the dead, and their heart is weighed against a feather. If it is lighter than the feather the person is allowed entryway into a nice afterlife, however, if their heart is heavy with sin they are sent to a hellish landscape of eternal darkness and great perils. In this iteration of Rogue-Light, the players took on the role of an Egyptian warrior and priest who’s hearts weighed exactly the same as the feather. The gods did not feel right sending them to heaven, but also felt that eternal punishment didn’t fit right either. So they decided if the players could fight their way through hell then they could earn entry to heaven. However, do to programming restrictions we also benched Rogue-Light.

Road Trip took an educational spin and became Timeliners, a ‘choose your own adventure’ game in which the player would play alongside famous historical figures such as Christopher Columbus or Lewis and Clark and would have the opportunity to make different choices than their historical counterpart. This would enable the player to experience history in a fun, hands on way. We felt that Timeliners while much more interesting than Road Trip, would not be an incredibly fun project to work on.


The Fog remained fairly consistent with its original design and remained our favorite concept. We liked the mood and the characters that we had come up with for the world. We decided that we would challenge with The Fog and move on to Deep Dive, the next stage of development.


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