Hello All,

Welcome to my blog.

My name is Ben Hiller, I am a game art student studying at Champlain College. This is my senior year at Champlain and I am creating this blog to record my progress in my Senior Game Development course.

I am primarily a 3d artist, focusing on environment and prop pieces, but I have a love and interest in all forms of game art. The programs that I primarily work with are: Maya (2016/2017), Zbrush 4r7, Adobe Photoshop (CS6/CC), Adobe Illustrator (CS6/CC), Substance Painter, and Unreal Engine 4.

I am working with a team of 5 Seniors (myself, another artist, a designer, a programmer and a producer) on a game for our Senior Capstone.

So what will I be doing in this blog?

I will be using this blog to post updates on both my personal progress and my team’s progress on our game, throughout the semester.

So without further ado here is our progress thus far:

  • We have narrowed down to 4 main Game Concepts to move foreward with:
    • Sword Kid:
      • An action adventure game in which the player is a young girl who’s father was killed in an epic battle. The girl goes to the battlefield to retrieve her father’s sword, a giant two handed greatsword and takes it upon herself to bring the sword to a mystic temple.
    • The Fog:
      • A survival/horror game in which the player is a curior of lost possesions in a post apocalyptic future. The oceans have shrunk at an incredible speed, forcing giant monstrocities onto the mainland searching for food and leaving the atmosphere covered in thick fog. The player is emerged in this dark and lonely environment and must navigate the landscape, with shoddy instructions and limited resources, to retriev objects for other survivors.
    • Road Trip:
      • Road Trip is a travel sim with a twist. The player controls a family on an all-American road trip! The player must manage multiple resources such as child boredom, family hunger, $$$, time, and gasoline. Upon reaching different states, the game will give information about historic monuments or events, providing an educational component to the game.
    • Rogue-Light:
      • The oplayer takes on the role of both a paladin and a priest as the two characters delve into a dark dungeon to vanquish evil. The player must keep their light source charged to hold certain monsters at bay, and must destroy other’s using the paladin’s combat prowess.

Thanks for visiting, and welcome to my blog.

~ Ben Hiller


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